A downloadable game for Windows

Chief Engineer Steve Burnside is the sole survivor after his ship crash lands into a remote planet. While he is lucky to survive the crash, the wildlife on the planet aims to change that. 

  • Build Turrets to fight for your life
  • Build structures to keep the creatures away
  • A mix of RTS and Tower defense gameplay!
  • Fight for your survival!

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Team Lead, Milestones, Character Animations,Environmental Artist, Programming, GDD - Brian Lewis

Game Writer, UI Art, Dialogue Scripting, Marketing, QA - Joel Willis

Enemy Art, Modeler, FX, QA, Enemy Animations- Phil Reavis

Programming, Asset Implementation, Enemy Animations, Buildables, Enemy Scripting, UI, Scripting - Keith Ty Havron

QA, Turret Behaviors, Bug Fixing, Programming  - Jonathan Biserchich

Music, Playtest Plan, Sound Design, Concept -Quade MacCauley

Install instructions

Download the Zip extract where ever you like. Make sure that the Data folder is with the .Exe file. 

Double click the .Exe file  and set your desired screen resolution.



BurnsideLog_B_40.7z 235 MB

Development log